Welcome to Sheep Draw Veterinary Hospital!

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Dogs and Cats/Exotics have separate entrances to help with the comfort of our patients.

Dog Waiting Room and Coffee and Tea Station

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Cat Waiting Room


Our Friendly Front Desk Staff will greet you with a SMILE!


We have 6 exam rooms of different sizes to accommodate all sizes of critters.



We provide excellent surgical care with a large surgery suite with large windows to allow for natural light.  Advanced techniques including a surgical laser, the most advanced anesthesia available, an endoscope and a therapy laser provide cutting edge technology.


While pets are under anesthesia pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation and respiration rate are constantly monitored to help create the safest possible anesthetic experience.


Surgical instrument prep and sterilization and surgical scrub sink.



We provide advanced dental techniques including ultrasonic scaling, polishing, local anesthetic blocks and digital dental radiology.

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Cutting edge digital radiography help us diagnose even the most difficult cases.


Doing bloodwork, cytology and fecal exams in our lab allows us to diagnose and start treatment almost immediately.


We can house and care for lots of different animals with different needs.

Our canine hospital ward


Our feline hospital ward


Isolation for contagious cases


Intensive care

An oxygen kennel for oxygen therapy when it’s needed.


We also offer boarding facilities for our clients.

Canine Boarding

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Our enclosed courtyard gives our canine guests the oportunity to get fresh air with out the extreme heat of the summer or extreme cold of the winter.

Feline boarding provides condos and windows for our feline visitors